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M I R A  &  P E T E R  M A U K Š

creative couple

Satisfied customers

15 years in the interior design business - that's a huge amount of experience.  During this time, we have been surrounded by a crew of people who know the how to use the materials the way we want.  That's the type of quality our clients like.

Reliable and quality

So that we will both be satisfied.  You will realize your dream design and we will have another great reference.

Detailed documentations

With our implementation project, the contractors prepare price offers without any unnecessary questions.

We respect the wishes of the clients

A personal and unique approach to each project is our priority.

When we put our hearts in it, the result will always go well...

Peter Voda Maukš


"The interior of 2019 should be personal, it should reflect who you really are."

Mira Maukš


"I think, I know two things quite well - to design a great layout of a space and to combine various materials together.  This can't  be learned from books. "